Let your favourite entertainer pay your employees a digital visit

Even (or especially) in these times of the Corona crisis, it is important to send a message that leaves an impression that is out of the ordinary.

Entertainment Visit helps companies, organisations and event agencies to reach any group of people - anywhere and anytime - through digital platforms.

Entertainment Visit is a full-service product that will communicate your desired message - via a selected artist and professional video production - delivered FAST and within a fixed budget.

For more information on how to make an Entertaiment Visit feel free to contact Nicholas Findsen

+45 40 61 39 33 findsen@onpurpose.dk

Target your entertainment.

On purpose.

Every year, businesses waste millions on ‘random applause’ when they could use entertainment as a powerful tool to deliver their message.


On Purpose Entertainment is a full-service provider that helps companies, organizations and event agencies to target their entertainment to instil their message, reduce costs and add value to their brand.


On Purpose Entertainment

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+45 40 61 39 33 findsen@onpurpose.dk